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Women in Projects Embrace Equity Conference  

Celebrating United Nations International Women’s Day  

8 March 2023 

#EmbraceEquity #IWD2023  


Imagine a gender-equal world. A world free of gender bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that is fair and impartial and where gender differences are valued and celebrated.  

Together we can achieve gender equality. Collectively we can #EmbraceEquity.


2023 the Year to #EmbraceEquity  

As we all know, project management industries, and professional associations such as the PMI, have long been dominated by men. Women are often under-represented and undervalued. However, research has shown that gender diversity in the workplace leads to better performance, increased innovation, and improved decision-making.  

The purpose of this year’s conference is to explore the challenges that women face in the field of project management, to discuss ways in which we can promote gender equity across industry and the profession, and equip and mobilize women to shift the gender imbalance and make a lasting impact.  

PMI UK Chapter volunteers, are partnering with project professionals and other changemakers from Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, France, Georgia, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain, Sir Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine, the UK, USA and many more to design and deliver you with a fabulous conference experience.  


Making an Impact  

As a for-purpose organisation, PMI is dedicated to enabling current and next generation project professionals and changemakers to make a difference and create a better world. This conference directly supports that aim through its participation in the global Hours for Impact Programme, supporting the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals including.  

  • Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls (goal 5)   
  • Reduce inequality within and among countries (goal 10)

Conference Countdown  

The conference countdown clock has started. As we build momentum towards this year’s stepping stone event on 8 March, we are providing participants with the opportunity to  connect with others, in advance who are equally passionate about embracing Equity.  

 We will be sharing useful resources and signposting you to valuable takeaways, and volunteering opportunities for your personal and professional development journey, provided by PMI Global and your local, in-country, 300-plus PMI chapters.    

What to expect on the day  

Our marathon, 12-hour programme will kick-off at 0800 GMT on Wed 8 March, with our grand opening and keynote address, followed by our packed programme of captivating speakers, interesting panelists and other talent broadcast from the Embracing Equity main stage, continuing through to our final headline acts, and after party in the evening.  

 Our main stage will be augmented by a variety of educational interactive sessions, with breakout rooms throughout the day, organized by different Chapters, each designed around the themes of enabling equity, enabling you to share your own experiences, discuss strategies, develop initiatives and build a dynamic community of action to promote gender equity in the workplace and society.  

 There will also be plenty of opportunities to make connections and forge relationships using Hopin's unique 1:1 matchmaking feature, and by arranging impromptu meetings, as well as taking a virtual wander around our awesome learning zone, meeting with exhibitors, and learning from the wider PMI extended family.  

Why should you attend?

Here our five key reasons why you should attend this event:  


  1. Recognition of International Women's Day: Attending the conference on UN International Women's Day is a great way to show support for gender equity and celebrate the achievements of women in project management.  
  2. Learning from experts: The conference will feature keynote speakers and panelists who are experts in the field of project management and gender equity, providing valuable insights and information for attendees.  
  3. Career development: Attending the conference can provide valuable insights and strategies for advancing one's career in project management, particularly for women facing barriers in the industry.   
  4. Networking opportunities: Attending a conference organized by PMI chapters provides an opportunity to connect with other women in the field of project management and build valuable professional relationships.  
  5. Support and community: The conference provides a supportive and inclusive environment where attendees can share their experiences and learn from one another, fostering a sense of community among women in project management.