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Are you interested in learning more about a specific area of project management, or developing your network?

With 700,000 PMI members globally, how do you find people with similar interests?

That’s why UK has a policy for forming member communities, with a few already in place, and if you don’t see what you are most passionate about, then you can apply to start a new one. Note that you can be a member or committee member of as many or as few as works for you – even in all 4 dimensions:


  • Branches – geographically defined communities; meet people in person where you live and/or work, to help winning business or advancing your career. PMI UK has branches which all run informative events and networking; you can join the organising committee, or simply come as a guest
  • Specialist PM areas – for project management specialists, such as portfolio management; governance, assurance and risk; contracts. None are established yet – the field is wide open
  • Industry specific groups – for people who have chosen to specialise in a particular industry, for example construction; ICT; biotech
  • Communities of Action – addressing global issues like sustainability (including climate change, social value); women in projects


Apply on VRMS to express an interest in a community, so the committee can reach out to you to join the thought leadership and activities.

If you want to start a new community, then let the Volunteering Team know via the above VRMS link or by email ( with a description and definition and we’ll check it against existing communities, and if it’s good to go, we’ll set you up with a VRMS special advertisement to find other people with the same interests.

Once a community has some momentum, you can apply to make it a formal member community group within PMI UK Chapter. Your board sponsor will take you through the process. Being formally recognised means that you have access to budgets and travel.

Specialist PM Areas:

Assurance, Risk and Governance - please use this link on VRMS

Industry Specific Groups:

Health, Safety and the Environment - please use this link on VRMS

Communities of Action:

Sustainability CoA is active: apply to join through VRMS

Women in Project Management CoA - please use this link on VRMS


If you would like to express an interest in an area not yet covered, use this generic link on VRMS

PMI UK is a professional project management membership organisation in the UK. PMI UK currently has approximately 3,000 members and was founded in 1995. We welcome members from all facets of projects and from all industries. PMI UK holds daytime and evening events at many cities throughout the UK and is active in promoting project management to industry and government organisations.  

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